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Pepper Spray Lipstick

Pepper Spray Pen

Pepper Spray Foam 3/4 oz Pepper Spray 1/2 oz SW 18 & 23 Large Sizes Neutralizer 15%
Pepper Spray Lipstick Pepper Spray Pen 18 Pepper Spray Foam Pepper Spray 1/2 oz Pepper Spray 2 oz 18 & 23 Pepper Spray 3 oz 18 & 23 Pepper Spray 4 oz 18 & 23 Pepper Spray Large 18 & 23 Pepper Spray 15% Low Cost
Sw3 Soft 18 SW3H18 SW45 180,000 SHU SW6S18 Hard shell Pepper Spray 23 Lipstick Holsters for 2 oz, 3 oz and 4 oz Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray 1/2 oz 18 Pepper Spray 1/2 oz 18 Pepper Spray 3/4 oz 18 & 23 Pepper Spray 1/2 oz 18 Pepper Spray 3/4 oz 18 Pepper Spray 1/2 23 Pepper Spray 23 Lipstick Pepper Spray 1/2 oz 18 Pepper Spray Holsters
StunMaster 200,000 volt iPhone Stun Gun Punisher Stun Baton Diamondback 7.8 million volt stun gun Diamondback 7.8 million volt stun gun Cobra 25 million Small Fry Stun Gun 400,000 Volt SMACK stun gun
Smart Phone Stun Guns Cell Phone Sun Gun Punisher Stun Baton

Diamondback 7.8  million

Diamondback 7.8  million

Cobra Stun Baton

Stun Gun 400,000

Mini Stun Gun SMACK 6Mv Mini Stun Flashlight
Surge Protector SafeSurge Protector Safelarge flashlight stun gun Dummy Zoom Camera Stop-It Fire Retardant Spray Camping Lantern Bicycle Tail light Alarm Chime Remotes Book Safe Valuables Hider First Alert Door Window Alarm / Chime 4 pack Fake Rock Key Hider
Stun Flashlights Dummy Zoom Camera Fire Retardant Camping Lantern Bicycle Flashing Tail Light Alarm / Chime with Remotes

Book Safe

Mini Alarm & Chime 4 Pack

Rock Key Hider

Lawn Sprinkler Head Key Hider Motion detecting Dummy Camera Real Outdoor housing Dummy Camera

Motion Detector & Phone Dialer

Solar Motion Alarm with Dialer

Motion detector Strobe Alarm Extra remote for MC795DC SMACK stun gun Door Knob Alarm

Sprinkler Head Key Hider

Vaporizer Stun Gun

Dummy Camera for Outdoors Phone Dialer Alarm Solar Power Dialer Alarm Strobe Light Alarm Extra Remote Mini Stun Gun SMACK 20Mv

Door Knob Alarm+Chime

Fake Rock Key Hider Driveway Patrol Wireless Alarm Power Adapter for Driveway Patrol Wireless Alarm Security Beam Alarm / Chime Nap Zapper Vibrate or Alarm models

Driver Sleep Warning Alarm 

Driver Sleep Warning Alarm

Driver Sleep Warning Alarm

Personal Door and Window Alarm with Light Credit Card Reminder Door Brace
Door Stop Alarm

Driveway Patrol Wireless Alert

Driveway Patrol Power Adapter

Infrared Beam Alarm / Chime Nap Zapper Driver Alerts

Nap Zapper Reading LED

Door / Window Alarm - Light

Credit Card Reminder

Alarm Security Door Brace
large flashlight stun gun Surgical Masks Key Finder ID Protection Stamp Fire Resistant Bag Beware of Dog SignNever Mind Dog Beware of Gun Never Mind Dog Beware of Gun Make My DayWe don't call 911
Mini Stun Flashlights

Surgical Masks

Key Finder Four Unit

ID Protection Stamp Fire Resistant Document. Bag Lighted CCTV "in use" Sign

Beware of Dog  Security Signs

No Trespassing

Security Signs

 More Warning Security Signs

Jogger Stun Gun Warning Stickers 6 pack Break Away Key Chain for Pepper Spray Quick Release Key Chain Metal Alcohol BAC Breathalyzer Counterfeit Money Detector Pen Trigger Shield Safety Trigger Guard Binoculars 7x50mm Gas Mask

Jogger Kubaton Stun Guns

Warning Stickers Break Away Key Chain Break Away Key Chain



Counterfeit $$ Detector Pen

Gun Trigger Shield

Binoculars 7x50mm Gas Mask
Life Hammer Auto Accident Escape Tool Life Hammer Atuo Accident Escape Tool Dust Mask - Disposable Hand Restraint    

Life Hammer

Life Hammer

Dust Masks

Whistle with Key Ring

Whistle with Key Ring

9MM Pistol Nylon Holster

Single Use Hand Restraint


Legal info: By purchasing from this site, you are representing that you are at least 18 and can legally possess our products.  Pepper sprays and stun guns are restricted in certain municipalities, cities, and states. it is the purchaser's responsibility to know the local laws and regulations regarding these products in your jurisdiction.  Hazen & Associates cannot be held liable for the misuse of these self defense products, or the illegal possession of these products.  No pepper spray or stun guns will be shipped to any location outside the of the United States.  Stun guns will not be shipped to Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Annapolis, MD Baltimore, MD Baltimore County, MD, Dension, IA / Crawford County, District Of Columbia, Hawaii or Philadelphia, APO and FPO.  Pepper Spray will not be shipped to Massachusetts, New Jersey if over (3/4 oz), New York, Wisconsin, Michigan APO, FPO or Hawaii.   Stun Guns